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What We Do

Property Management Perfected

Kanga Property Management’s mission is to relieve the headache and stress that property ownership can often cause. We collect rent via regular/online check or credit/debit card, processes late fees, deals with tenant complaints, settles resident disputes, performs and documents regular property inspections, supervises maintenance and repairs, pays vendors if authorized, coordinates seamless move-in and move-out, facilitates evictions and collections, provides 24 hour online access to account activity to accounting system login and year end financial reports.

In addition, we work diligently to conduct showings for current and future vacancies, to get your properties rented timely, at market rate, to good tenants.

Professional Marketing

social media partnersKanga Property Management has positioned itself as one of the most aggressive Internet real estate advertisers in South Florida. We market your property on more search engines, classified sites, social media sites, and online directories, than any other competitor in the market.

Our family of websites receive more than 20,000 unique visitors per month!

Kanga Property Management has built systems and partnerships with multiple vendors to promote your property and get it rented for as close to top market value as possible. Our average turnaround time for a vacant unit is less than 21 days.

Listing Syndication

When Kanga Property Management lists your home for rent, it is syndicated to our partner sites found below. This is extremely important when you understand that different people use different platforms to search homes for rent. By syndicating your listing, we get more potential tenant traffic to your property, and ultimately rent your property faster.

Syndication Partners Kanga Property Managmement

*Other sydication partners:

Tenant Screening

Kanga Property Management has developed proven methodology for qualifying tenants based on credit report, state-by-state criminal background checks, access to a national data base for landlord collections and evictions, verification of employment and income, as well as confirmation of previous rental history-payment performance and property condition.

With such comprehensive insight into potential occupants, Kanga Property Management repeatedly places reliable tenants into client properties.

Lease Negotiations

Kanga Property Management has the ability to negotiate appropriate leasing terms based on its in-depth rental market experience. KangaRealty further works to ensure premium leasing performance and will demand the most lucrative arrangements with regards to rental amount, length of tenancy, required deposit, and expectations of tenant duties.

Reliable Maintenance

Kanga Property Management finds extreme value in proper maintenance of its managed properties, and employs a supervisor to verify all tenant reports and complaints. The Kanga Property Management supervisor then contracts the most respected service providers available to correct the problem.

We also understands that routine maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and strives to keep these expenses to a minimum. However, this should not allude to a “cheap fix.” We investigate in order to verify that complaints are genuine, as well as plan for preventative maintenance in order to reduce increased future expenses.

Detailed Accounting and Reporting

Each month the Landlord will receive an itemized report of their properties’ income and expenses. Kanga Property Management’s records are available any time from anywhere in the world via an online portal, allowing the Landlord to access their account 24/7. Additionally, accounting will be stored and easily accessible for three years.

Why We Are Different

At Kanga Property Management, we don’t just manage your rental, we maximize your investment. No one does rentals better than us, and our Landlords reap the rewards every single month. Here’s how:

  • Our supervising managers are licensed CAMs – This insures your access to the highest level of expertise in the industry.
  • We manage vacant units for FREE – We don’t make money unless you do.
  • We handle turnovers at no charge – Cleaning, repairs and general rehabs are coordinated as a part of our service.
  • Virtual access to all information on your account – This keeps you up to date, and in the loop, as much as you want.
  • We handle evictions for FREE – If we are managing one of your units, and a tenant needs to be evicted, we do this for you as a part of our monthly service.
  • Dedicated rental agents handle listing and filling units – Our managers don’t make money on turnover, and they are 100% dedicated to managing your rental.
  • We have a team approach to our rentals – Our properties are managed by an experienced team that includes managers, supervisors and agents, all of whom work together to provide the best experience possible.
  • We build relationships – We treat our tenants as people, not just renters. We respond quickly to their concerns, and make sure they feel that their rental is a place they can really call home. This means longer stays and better treatment of your investment.

Kanga Property Management is a full-service property management business serving Palm Beach and Broward County. We are dedicated solely to the “hands on” management of our client’s residential real estate properties. Learn more about the top 9 benefits of using a property manager.

Comprehensive List of Services

  • Process rental fees, late fees, and evictions
  • Provide 24hr online access to account activity
  • Field tenant complaints
  • Address and mediate disputes
  • Supervise maintenance and repairs
  • Oversee standard transition rehabs at no additional cost
  • Issue work orders and handle vendor payments
  • Provide regular email communication about current issues
  • Regularly inspect property
  • Liaison with Association Management

  • Renew and Renegotiate Leases
  • Coordinate seamless move-in and move-out
  • Facilitate preparations for new rental
  • Support listing agent in filling unit
  • Qualify and approve potential renters
  • Provide monthly statements and owner draws
  • Liaison with Government Agencies and utility providers
  • Provide end of year financial reports
  • Dedicated service from an experienced management team