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Sell Your Home

What to Expect

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Choosing the best real estate company to market and sell your home can make all the difference, turning a typically difficult, stressful process into a comfortable, informed experience that has been proven to work for owners.

KangaRealty is recognized as a real estate leaded in both Palm Beach and Broward County. Our knowledgable agents and aggressive Internet marketing continue to produce home buyers month after month. We will make sure that you get the best price for your home, in the least amount of time.

What We Do to Sell Your Home

Honest Valuation
KangaRealty analyzes and determines home values in Palm Beach and Broward County every day. As top real estate experts in both markets, we can help you determine exactly what your home is worth with current market conditions. As experienced real estate professionals, we market your home and negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best price possible.

Aggressive Marketing
KangaRealty has positioned itself to aggressively market your home not just locally, but on national real estate websites as well. Through our professional contacts and syndication partners, as well as our proprietary marketing tools, we can instantly place your listing on all of the top websites qualified buyers are searching. Your listings will also be posted on the top social media sites as well. Our proven marketing systems drives a greater volume of traffic to your listing than any of our competitors.

Professional Advice
Our expert agents will come to your home and personally advise you of how to best prepare your home to sell for top dollar. If you would like to have your home professional staged, we work with some of the best vendors in South Florida, and can make your house stand out from the comparables.

Seller Protection
It is our duty to protect your best interests throughout the entire sales process. You will be informed and in control, every step of the way. It’s our job to make sure your home selling experience is top notch, and we expect you to keep us in mind when you have any future real estate needs!

Professional Marketing Services

KangaRealty has positioned itself as one of the most aggressive Internet real estate advertisers in South Florida. We market your property on more search engines, classified sites, social media sites, and online directories, than any other competitor in the market.

Our family of websites receive more than 20,000 unique visitors per month!

KangaRealty has built innovative systems and partnerships with multiple vendors to promote your property and get it sold for as close to top market value as possible.

Social Media Buzz

It is no secret that Social Media websites can be an excellent marketing tool; the problem is, most traditional real estate companies have not adopted these methods, or have no idea how to utilize them properly. At KangaRealty we are experts in over 30 social media sites, and post your property for sale on each and every site, so it experiences massive visibility up until the day it is sold! Top social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Listing Syndication

When KangaRealty lists your property for sale it is syndicated to our partner sites found below. Syndication of your property is extremely important when you understand that different people, use different websites, to search homes for sale on the Internet. By syndicating your listing to our partner sites, KangaRealty receives more potential buyer traffic, and ultimately sells your property faster.

Yahoo Homes

Campus Avenue
AOL Real Estate