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How to Lower Your Water Bill

How to Lower Your Water BillIn this day and age, everyone is rightfully concerned with saving money. People are cutting back spending on almost everything, so why not make a conscious effort to lower your utility bills as well? As South Florida’s premier property management company, we want our landlords and tenants to happy with the services we provide, in addition to showing them ways to save money! Water conservation is a start!

First let’s discuss your water efficiency. One of the main reasons you want to pay close attention to your water efficiency, is because you care about our planet. The other reason you should try to keep your water bill low, is because it helps your bottom line. The responsibility of keeping water consumption low is yours as well as your tenants. So starting from today, be sure to educate your tenants on conservative water use.

Some things to look for are leaking faucets, bathtubs, sinks, as well as leaks in your pipes. Start tracking your average water bill and pay close attention for any changes that may look unusual. Updating your toilets and faucets may be necessary. Don’t let the faucet or shower run if you are not using it. It is the simplest things that will really make all of the difference for your pocket and the planet.

Lastly, you must track and measure the results of your water efficiency efforts. Are you or your tenants in fact consuming less water? Is the money saved over a 12 month period worth allocating towards new and efficient faucets and toilets? Keep in mind there are millions of people around the world that do not have direct access to clean water. It is time for us to do our part, one landlord or tenant at a time, and help the United States of America push for better water conservation.

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