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I am managing myself right now. Why should I spend money on your services?

Because self-management costs you time and money. The right manager brings expertise to the table that actually saves you money – much like a good accountant does with your taxes. At Kanga, we specialize in maximizing investments with quick turn-arounds, quality tenants, and attention to detail. Our owners don’t lose months’ worth of rent or have long vacancies – these are areas that we focus on to make sure your investment is making you money

My tenant always pays late. How will this be different with you?

An owner is different than a manager, and tenants should be dealing directly with an assigned manager that is working on your behalf. We take the time to establish the right relationship with each tenant – one that continues to establish our credibility and position. With this credibility, tenants know that there are certain expectations and results. If rent is not paid on time, a late fee is applied. If rent is late past the 5th, a notice to pay or vacate is posted. Our system is specifically tailored to collect timely rent and weed out tenants that will cost you money down the line.

What do you do when a tenant moves in or out?

One of the most important factors in a rental investment is the turnover process. How this is handled has a direct effect on your bottom line. Things like move out inspections, deposit claims, and turnover time are crucial to a good investment. As your manager, we do a full documented inspection when a tenant moves out, and file any legitimate claim on the security deposit held. Paperwork required by law is handled by our staff, assuring that any monies are not returned unnecessarily.

What if my tenant has to be evicted?

We handle that for you at no additional charge. Your only cost is for attorney fees, court filing fees, and sheriff fees. It is always a smart decision to use an attorney that specializes in evictions to ensure evictions are handle correctly from the start so we can get the property vacant as soon as possible so we can re-lease the property. Supervising necessary evictions is a part of the expert service we provide with your monthly investment. The sooner we get them out, the sooner you can get back to making money.

My rental unit needs work before it is rented out. Do you help with that?

Yes, we do. Standard turnover items like painting, cleaning and minor repairs are all supervised as a part of our contracted services — with no additional charge. Using our crew or yours, we get your unit “rent ready” and on the market in no time.

Why is there a leasing fee if I am paying a management fee?

Our management fees only apply when there is a paying tenant. To get this great tenant, we enlist one of our division agents to market, show and rent. This process includes an extensive pre-screening done in tandem with our Director, providing the kind of tenant that is just right for you. The leasing fee compensates this listing agent, and any other agents involved, for all the work behind this great tenant.

What if I want to sell my property?

We can help with that, too. Our agents work with investors and buyers every day, getting your unit sold at the best price. Our average “under contract” time with division sales is less than 15 days, and most have had multiple offers selling at over listing price.

I am looking to buy rental property. Can you help with that?

Yes. Growing a rental portfolio is a smart move in today’s market. Our team can help you to buy the right unit with maximum potential.

How do you handle Maintenance and Repairs?

You tell us what is best for you. Because there are no upcharges with our repairs, we don’t lock you down to one particular option. We have created a dependable list of quality vendors that can service anything from leaks to air conditioning — But we are happy to use someone you recommend as well. We treat each situation individually, and determine the most cost effective solution for both the problem at hand, and the kind of investment that it is.

What vendors do you use, and what do they cost

We have a list of approved vendors and there is no mark up on any work done, so our price is your price.Any significant job is bid out, and the investor is looped in to all decisions and details as he or she prefers.All communications, work orders, invoices and payments are accessible to each owner through our software portal.

How do you determine your Monthly Fees?

No matter what, your management fees are a fixed cost every month.This cost is based on a number of factors including portfolio size, kind of properties, and location of each unit.Industry standard is 10% of monthly rental, but again the particulars of your situation can shrink that number and still keep the highest level of service.