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Accepting Online or Mobile Payment Methods for Rentals

Accept Online Payments

Making tenants pay on time is one of the common headaches that property managers deal with. Exhausting as it may seem, part of the job would sometimes require ideas such as promos for those who achieve early payments, or friendly reminders in order to maintain proper payment schedules.

Seen as an effective solution at first, these techniques eventually become uneconomical due to time and effort constraints. But, What if you could make it easier for tenants to pay rent by providing them with multiple online payment options?


How Tenants Respond to Online or Mobile Payment Options

The outcome of recent studies show patterns of change from the conventional payment method to online payment methods, when it comes to bills. As the study concluded, those who have access to online or mobile payment options tend to make payments on time, more so than those who do not have these options. When considering a property management company, be sure to ask if they accept online payment options for tenants. If they do, you might be surprised with the results!


Why Online or Mobile Payment Methods are Preferred by Tenants

* Paying bills through online or mobile methods saves time
* Can be accessed anytime
* Keeps life easy for people on-the-go
* Convenient
* Provides friendly reminders

In this perspective, one can conclude that online or mobile payment options are an effective solution for getting your rent paid on time or even ahead of time!